Contesting a Will

Situations will often arise where someone brings a claim for better provision from a deceased person’s estate – in other words they contest the will.

A will may be contested for any number of reasons. If the deceased had an obligation to make adequate provision for someone and they failed to do so, that person may be entitled to make a claim for better provision from the estate.

We have experience in all facets of these types of claims. We have acted for the person contesting the will, for the executor of the estate and for the people who would have received the benefit of the estate if it weren’t for the claim. 

If you are involved in a situation where a will is being contested, we can assist you, advise you and fight to get you the best possible result – whatever your role may be.

Our service offering

  • Advice and representation for executors, beneficiaries and claimants
  • All aspects of Part IV/TFM Claims
  • Deeds of Family Arrangement
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • All aspects of deceased estate administration

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