Who are you… and can you prove it?

It is no secret that getting older comes with a set of new and unfamiliar challenges, some of which will be unexpected.  When it comes to assisting our aging family members to conquer these new challenges it can be hard to know where to start.

One matter which is becoming increasingly important, but may get overlooked, relates to identity and how you establish who you are (on paper that is).

In recent times financial institutions have tightened their identification requirements, requiring the customer to 'prove' who they are before they can invest their wealth.  The Department of Human Services, a common factor in the process of aging, will also frequently require documentation.

For many people establishing their identification 'on paper' isn't an issue- a quick review of their wallet shows a driver's licence and there is probably a utilities bill and passport at home.   However, for a person residing in aged care who is no longer able to travel internationally and no longer drives establishing their identity can be a difficult and complex task.  There may be no rates notices showing a name and address.  A passport or driver's licence will expire in time.

So in the midst of facing these new and unfamiliar decisions, we encourage you to take pause and consider this- who are you?  And can you prove it?

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Ashleigh Pearse is a lawyer at Burke & Associates who practises in Wills & Estates Law, Elder Law and VCAT matters. Click here to see her profile page and contact details.