Deceased Estates

It’s always a painful and challenging time when a person dies. However during this period it’s important for someone to attend to the issue of the person’s will (if they left one) and their estate.

The duties required in relation to the deceased person’s estate may be very simple, or they may be complicated, emotional and time-consuming. There are legal rules and obligations that must be followed which may include an application for a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration from the Supreme Court. 

Whatever the requirements are, we can help.

At Burke & Associates Lawyers, we have extensive experience in all matters relating to wills and deceased estate administration including probate, Letters of Administration, large and small estates, complex and simple estates, estates which include tension and conflict between family members, estates with standard or unique property, will contests ­– we’ve seen it all and we can help you.

Our service offering

  • Advice and representation for both executors and beneficiaries
  • Applications for Grants of Probate and Letters of Administration including reseals
  • All aspects of deceased estate administration including ongoing management of income and expenses, liquidation of assets, investment and distribution
  • Solicitor Executor/Administrator appointments
  • All areas of property law

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